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Please donate to support my human rights defender activity against the international drug and human trafficking organized crime preying on the defenseless. Your contributions are necessary to obtain the resources necessary for investigating and denouncing especially the Romanian "state" mafia puppeted by CIA and other USA vassal agencies since they organized the 1989 Romanian coup d'etat, and also the George Soros criminal network acting internationally to undermine the sovereignty of nations by weakening the resolve of the people against bribery and abuse, through the destruction of systems of values, seeding dissent such as amongst social and racial categories of a nation, and even poisoning daily consumables with fluorine as the Nazis and Soviets, reason especially for which the George Soros mafia got expunged from the Russian Federation, then, the international ramifications of drug and human trafficking "state" mafia into the European Union - EU, Council of Europe - CoE and the European Court for Human Rights - ECHR, Internatinal Criminal Court, INTERPOL, various relevant UN bodies, and other branches such as the propaganda mills Amnesty International, Transparency International, or other propaganda and social manipulation platforms such as Wikimedia Foundation, Facebook and Twitter social networking, acting as US disinformation tools, covering up the Romanian Crimes against humanity and US Crimes of war, faking reality about Europe and the world for that matter on behalf of the US evil clandestine empire, inclusively by illicitly censoring selectively human rights defending, infringing flagrantly on the freedom of expression.

The results of my investigation are summarized in my Rule 39 ECHR urgent request for interim measures published as Raneti vs Romania at ECHR regarding state terrorism and illegal political repression perpetrated through 8 Crimes against humanity by the Romanian "state" mafia against me since 2014, the last being a continuous attempt for my indefinite to life illegal incarceration, to incidentally Torture and Grave death inducing bodily harm me, for the purpose of Qualified Murder, which perpetually motivates my Rule 39 ECHR urgent request for interim measures, as proven by annex 18, annex 19 and annex 21 especially; respectivelly, 11 Qualified Murder attempts; infirmities inflicted through 2nd and 7th Crimes against humanity committals; 4 clandestine falsified penal dossiers concocted as a pseudo legal cover-up to execute illegal security measures against an innocent (me), illegal because I was never indicted and convicted nor proven a public danger as legally required, as proven by annex 17 regarding my empty judiciary history; 8 illegal home breakings and 5 illegal arrests; 2 careers destroyed in Informatics and Law; all for which I demand from Romania 24,2 billion dollars in reparations - see annex 23

Respectivelly the full results of my investigation in general regarding Crimes against humanity I've demonstrated in my International Criminal Court penal dossier published as Raneti vs Romania at ICC, situation which I use to leverage against the international factions that caused and supports it for illicit profit such as the American pharmaceutical mafia, amongst which most notably J&J "America's most admired law breaker". Most notably not a single international body falsely claiming to be humanitarian has ever took any action to prevent or at least politically and publicly condemn or even spread the word about the Romanian Crimes against humanity, proving their complicity on behalf of the evil clandestine USA empire which finances them out of its infinite pool of money created irrespective of economy through its notorious federal bank system. I've presented summarily in this section the sources of evidence, such as ironically George Soros's own criminal network's blunder - who attempted to hide this reality and uncovered another instead, press investigation, my investigation and a Council of Europe report on human trafficking, evidence which I use to petition the "authorities" proving them all corrupt and criminal, forming a national and international drug and human trafficking mafia cartel, comprised of corrupt and criminal governments, internatioal corporations and the banks that support them

The resources I need are evidently foremost personal meaning time, health, shelter and sustenance. Because I have no wealth whatsoever, because I've been robbed of all rights by the Romanian "state" mafia being forced to become a political refugee to save my life, although I manage I could use help freeing more of my time by not simply subsisting. Next, I need operational requisite such as electronics, printing, posting and faxing - ECHR for instance does not admit email petitions, hosting which I can't afford which is why this free host that's not doing well in SEO for being a subdomain etc. If the funds are enough and form a consistent income, it would become possible to recruit more human right defenders on key missions, motivate investigative journalists, subvent key anti-mafia activism and undertake other directions for the purpose of undermining the mafia's hold on the state by destruction of social and political capital and seeding malcontent for the purpose of overthrowing the organized crime occupying public office.

I spared no expense in this anti-mafia fight which nearly ruined me and my family, not to mention nearly got me killed repeatedly, and I cannot afford taking all the "glory" anymore by myself :) - I need your help, since organized crime is a problem to solve by all of us.

At your service,
Tudor-Andrei Raneti,
human rights defender and UNHCR political refugee no 245-17C19171