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To perform an advanced search for subjects on only this site, use the search engine with its operators, e.g. using the search operator "site:" with the name of the site "" like this "" without the quotes because they are also google search operators, crossreferencing with the subject you seek, i.e. if looking for Augustin Lazar references only on this site you would search on with the string " Augustin Lazar"

There are more search keywords. " Augustin Lazar" implies logically the "OR" keyword like so "" OR Augustin OR Lazar" with the more relevant results first meaning containing all the keywords concatenated with OR first

You can find lists of search operators like this

such as this frequently used google search operators list

or such as this short pdf on google search operators list

or such as this 24th December 2019 complete google search operator list and SEO guide

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