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The list of the international organized crime controlled mass media agencies and fake human rights defending organizations, meaning the ones notified with all of this material and who refused to publish any of it as proof of being under the control of international mafia, meaning being USA Crimes of war, Crimes against humanity and other USA and vassals criminal activity laundromats and fake propaganda, instruments of missdirecting and occupying public attention with trivia (a.k.a. the roman circus motive); away from the real problem which is the USA and its vassal criminal activity, instruments of fake propaganda to cover-up this criminal activity such as the obvious fake propaganda and pseudolegal judiciary harassment against Julien Assange, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden who exposed USA's Crimes of war and against humanity, intruments of manipulating public political opinion which is another form of missdirecting and occupying public attention with trivia or the illusion of choice and thus fake liberty when it is obvious except to the uneducated masses in history that democracy has failed countless times most notably in Athens then the Roman empire, being inapplicable on the human race because of human nature while being applicable always in illicit interest of stealing and enslaving the masses, intruments of degenerating systems of values by focusing attention on gratuitous violence, sex and various antisocial behaviour, in short encouraging animal gratification and the culture of worshipping criminals etc. It is improper to speak of the Romanian "state" mafia control of mass media, because Romania is a colony of USA and its NATO terrorist organization vassals, meaning while the Romanian fake news agencies and fake human rights NGOs cover-up Romanian "state" mafia criminal activity also because its in the interest of the international mafia, the primary directive of this fascist ministry is to serve USA and its NATO vassals illicit interests, as proven by the fact the deadly neurotoxic drugs forced upon the Romanian population that led to the premeditated murder of tens of thousands of people in the past 3 decades since the 1989 USA coup d'etat in Romania, are american drugs, either USA patented or by one of its vassals, or produced by USA or one of their vassals, meaning poisons commercialized under the false advertisement of medicine with fake accreditation from FDA and other omologuous criminal organizations as proven in my Raneti vs Romania at ICC for Crimes against humanity dossier section I.A.II.1.2.5 regarding FDA, and annex 21 from my Raneti vs Romania at ECHR for Crimes against humanity dossier regarding the billions of dollar fines against J&J "America's most beloved law breaker" who continues its genocidal activity because it makes trillions in profit by murdering hundreds of thousands of people worldwide anually through forceful deadly neurotoxic drugging George Soros, USA criminal briber and national sovereignty underminer, "finances" the following which is why they refuse to publish any of the criminal activity I've exposed, constituting problems of national and international security: VICE, APADOR-CH (Helsinki Committee), Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch... ECHR which is why it is accomplice and instigator to the 8 Crimes against humanity against me, through 7 illegal destructions of my Rule 39 ECHR urgent request for interim measures, the first which could've prevented the 7th and 8th Crimes against humanity directly - demonstrating in answer to QUI BONO that ECHR implicitly CoE organized crime groups are representing the illicit interests of an even wider international mafia cartel than their jurisdiction Institutul National Pentru Studiul Totalitarismului - (Romanian National Institute for the Study of Totalitarianism), which is obviously wrong starting from its title, as Romanian politician Vadim Tudor put it: ~"mafia must be burried not controlled", nor observed, and same goes for totalitarianism defined generally as where a minority infringes on the rights of the majority, but since rights cannot be infringed upon morally by the majority else that meaning the tyranny of the majority or bolshevism, totalitarianism is really defined as where rights of any individual are infringed systematically, as by a government policy regardless if clandestine or official List of fake news agencies under implicit Romanian "state" mafia control, who serves the illicit interests of USA and its NATO vassals, and cover-up the criminal activity of the Romanian "state" mafia:,, Deutche Welle -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Example of mafia members on which they refused to print the truth although they print lies about: Bogdan Taicutu from IPJ Vrancea - he is not police, he is a mafia soldier involved in drug and human trafficking Making the remarkable note regarding illicit activity for control of the Romanian national press, that investor Hassan Awdi was illegally expropriated simultaneously of the Rodipet press distribution terminal kiosks, and the railway company of press distribution, to bankrupt the free press and thus saturate the national press with mafia controlled agencies. As evidence, USA performed a cover-up up letting Hassan Awdi win at ICSID 12 million dollars for his investment, when in reality it was its puppet, the Romanian "state" mafia who executed the illegal expropriation, and falsified penal dossiers against Hassan Awdi rejected in Lebanon as proof, and falsified an International Arrest Warrant also rejected in Lebanon as proof, while INTERPOL, an USA organization as well presided by an USA colonial of course, "admits" the political persecution of Hassan Awdi. As proof of mafia controlled mass media, some of the remaining agencies are running in insolvency for years being clandestinely or underhandedly funded by the "state" mafia such as Realitatea TV, while most are underhandedly financed anyway such as Antena 3 which makes fake pro-"PSD" (Social Democrat Party - a Romanian criminal gang under the Romanian "state" mafia influence either by blackmail, bribe or straight undercover operatives) propaganda, and of course obscure PSD criminal activity. Other mass media agencies are funded by the political criminal gangs in opposition, but in the end they are all funded underhandedly by the "state" mafia, who is financed by the USA evil clandestine empire through its "World Bank", "International Monetary Fund", while Romania is run under a fake debt created by USA bribed politicians after its 1989 coup d'etat, fake deficit under the guise of which Romania is stripped and economically delapidated, ordered to destroy its industry, to give away its fleet which was 4th largest in the world, export its goods and services, give away its internal resources for nothing to foreigners who exploit them then sell them back to the Romanians while basically enslaving the Romanian work force through imposed poverty - a.k.a. creating sweat shops etc., in short making the Romanian colony incapable of being economically independent as before, being notorious that a concerted effort of foreing banks undermined Romanian economy immediately after the 1989 coup d'etat executed by CIA and USA vassals's agents in cahoots with bribed Romanian traitors

Major Romanian dossiers on the "state" mafia

A facade suance for the ECHR and ICC dossiers, denouncing the drug and human trafficking crimes of the Romanian "authorities", to the Romanian "authorities", thus demonstrating that the Romanian "authorities" or Romanian "state" mafia will not convict itself, and therefore demonstrating the Romanian "state" mafia occuppies all the Romanian "state" institutions. With this proof I am petitioning ECHR again under Rule 47, demonstrating again as through Raneti vs Romania Rule 39 ECHR urgent request for interim measures, that ECHR and CoE are organized crime covering up Romanian Crimes against humanity. In other words, I sued Romania to pay 24,2 billion dollars for the premeditated destruction of two careers with superior studied, in Informatics and Law, and for perpetrating 8 Crimes against humanity against me. This should've been the follow-up object of judgement of my Rule 39 ECHR urgent request for interim measures, however ECHR / CoE is attempting to cover-up Romanian Crimes against humanity, therefore I will give it even more opportunity to demonstrate its criminal activity by also attempting to cover-up a straight Rule 47 action on the same matter. I remind INTERPOL is fully aware of this as it was petitioned to respect its protocols and denounce the Romanian "state" as a terrorist organization, and refused to process the petition because it already knows this truth as ICC, and because they're both evil american clandestine empire proterrorism agencies, not institutions, which is why they are presided by american colonials

sued Romania to order the revocation of the psychiatry charlatanry accreditation, condemn publicly the psychiatry charlatanry for the premeditated murder of tens of thousands of people between 1989 and 2019, and forcefull chemical lobotomization of other tens of thousands of orphans, and pay 2,2 billion dollars to each victim of the psychiatry charlatanry, or its remaining family for the ones murdered with premeditation. The total value of the claim rises to tens of trillions of dollars

sued Romania to pay 20 million euro or 4% of its budget, whichever sum is higher according to GDPR legal sanction jurisprudence, as moral damages and just satisfaction for GDPR infringement through illegal processing of my personal data by the "state" mafia occupying the Romanian institutions and falsifying penal dossiers and other penal and civil actions against me, and slandering me on the internet with them to discredit my activity of a human rights defender of investigation and denouncement of its criminal activity, inclusively breaking Romanian data protection legislation to do it. GDPR I remind is the European Union data protection regulation, Romania being part of the European Union and being obligated to obey its regulations according to articles 11 and 20 of its constitution.

A mega - penal dossier incriminating eventually all the Romanian "state" mafia members involved in the falsification of 4 penal dossiers: 2417/P/2014 - see annex 1-4 from this demonstration of the Romanian "state" mafia falsification of documents at ECHR from September 2020, and annex 1-10 from this Rule 39 ECHR urgent request for interim measures, 2845/P/2016, 3992/P/2016 and 4791/P/2016 against me, human rights defender and political refugee Tudor-Andrei Raneti, to serve as a cover-up and pretext for the mafia to commit 8 Crimes against humanity against me to stop me from denouncing its criminal activity of drug and human trafficking. Because the inculpated originate from all the sectors of the Romanian "state" apparatus controlled by the mafia, it is monolithic proof of the existence and criminal activity of the Romanian "state" mafia. I was never indicted or convicted in these falsified penal dossiers as demonstrated in annexes 17 through 20 from my Raneti vs Romania Rule 39 ECHR urgent request for interim measures, representing my empty judicial record, the falsified mafia illegal proposal that Crimes against humanity be committed against me in which it admits I was never convicted of anything therefore innocent therefore not a public danger therefore not a subject to penal security measures, the falsified decisions in 12718/231/2017 in 1st and 2nd instance, respectivelly my demonstration of the mafia's falsified acts in 12718/231/2017, all in which it's demonstrated I'm innocent yet the mafia ordered the public falsification of decision 12718/231/2017 breaking all relevant law and human rights, that I be indefinitely to life incarcerated, incidentally Tortured and Gravely death inducing bodily harm me for the purpose of being Qualifiedly murdered, as I've demonstrated in annex 21 from my Raneti vs Romania Rule 39 ECHR urgent request for interim measures, which is admitted by UNHCR for my registration as a political refugee. These dossiers were illegally censored on by the mafia on 8th April 2017 in the middle of my almost daily illegal arrests by tens of mafia soldiers attempting to falsify documents and Qualifiedly Murder me during Orthodox Easter in "communist" mafia fashion A penal dossier against the Focsani torture prison torturers, which is outdated and updated by this penal dossier against torturer Barbarosie Carmen, and other similar penal dossiers from the same section regarding the criminal activity within the Focsani torture prison from Focsani A penal dossier against George Soros owned ex-minister of justice Pruna Raluca who falsified the Government Ordnance 18 from the year 2016 most remarkable by allowing the "state" mafia soldiers to falsify penal dossiers, which is why the "state" mafia soldier Popescu Lacramioara falsified the last three penal dossiers against me, 2845, 3992 and 4791 from the year 2016, and by reintroducing anti-human rights regulations already declared unconstitutional by the Romanian Constitutional Court, regulations constituting a cover-up to commit Crimes against humanity against innocents - the suspect and the accused according to articles 4 and 99 from the Romanian Penal Procedure Code, and article 23 paragraph 11 from the Romanian Constitution, meaning Illegal deprivation of liberty, Torture, Grave death inducing bodily harm through beating, poisoning, infecting (in the septic Romanian torture prisons) or denial of medical care, and Qualified Murder under the pretext of penal security measures which obviously according to the law can only be enforced against definitively convicted felons, meanign in 2nd instance or by the accused forfeiting the right to appeal, who also have been proven certainly to recidivate meaning representing a public danger according to articles 107 through 109 from the Romanian Penal Code. I remind Pruna Raluca as minister of justice declared publicly that, I quote her exact words: "theoretical luxury in a state weakened by state-level corruption", which proves Pruna Raluca's hypocrisy since she introduced the most atrocious regulations possible in support of Romanian Crimes against humanity Against the Romanian Constitutional Court Members who falsified Decision 25 from 19 January 2017, with the same theme as Government Ordnance 18 from the year 2016, thus also supporting the Romanian Crimes against humanity, meaning: Valer Dorneanu, , Petre Lazaroiu, Mircea Stefan Minea, Daniel Morar, Mona Pivniceru, Livia Doina Stanciu, Simona-Maya Teodoroiu, Varga Attila and Afrodita Laura Tutunaru, respectivelly the other instigators are, from the Public Ministry, the mafia "prosecutor" Marinela Minca and "general prosecutor" Augustin Lazar, from the People's Lawyer, Victor Ciorbea, from the Government, Dacian Ciolos or Sorin Grindeanu, or both, and uknown leadership of Parliament chambers, mentioning that all that succeeded these are accomplice as well, intrinsic instigators or determinant factor of the Crimes against humanity that ensued, because the falsified CCR Decision 25 from 19 January 2017 is a public general obligatory decision Against Romanian chief of "state" mafia secret police reorganized into Romanian Secret Information Services, meaning: George Maior and Eduard Hellvig, who are accomplice, intrinsic instigators to the 8 Crimes against humanity committed against me in the period 2014-present, as well as the Crimes against humanity committed against the Romanian people, such as the 1447 murdered with premeditation in the year 2017 alone, the 5700 institutionalized children forcefully drugged, chemically lobotomized, and destroyed for life, in the year 2019 alone etc.

A mega - civil dossier incriminating eventually all the Romanian "state" mafia members involved in the destruction of my computer programmer carrier, bribed by the Delhaize Group - hypermarchet brand name "CORA" (Romanian juridical persona name "S.C. ROMANIA HYPERMARCHE S.A."), through its crooked so-called lawyers from Kinstellar SPARL firm. Because of the omnipresent recommendation system between the crooked employers who practice illegal discrimination by favoritism ostracizing those who cannot be determined to steal, it is impossible to get employed after being stygmatized in this veritable organized crime group of mafia clientelle constituted out of crooked employers, system which the notorious Hassan Awdi described as: "Romania is a banana republic (without justice), where only the mafia business works". This is the how my computer programmer carrier was forced gradually into a human rights defender career by the instigation of Delhaize Group and Kinstellar SPARL to Crimes against humanity against me in cahoots with the Romanian "state" mafia who perpetrated 8 instances of said felonies, ultimately forcing me to become a political refugee in a Julien Assange similar situation given I'm denouncing the criminal activity of the Romanian "state" mafia consisting of drug an human trafficking, meaning the reinstalled communist secret police and its communist nomenclature in power through the 1989 coup d'etat perpetrated by CIA and SUA's allies, and of EU, CoE, ECHR, ICC and other institutions and organizations. To cover-up and provide a pseudo legal pretext for its Crimes against humanity perpetrated against me, the mafia falsified 4 penal dossiers and 2 forensic certificated clandestinely (they don't appear in offcial evidence), except I'm not even openly accused of anything because there is not even a shadow of a doubt that I have not committed any felony, as proof of verity or that all my declarations and demonstrations are true as admitted by all who were petitioned - the Romanian "state" mafia, EU, CoE, ECHR, ICC, UNHCR, INTERPOL, other UN bodies, other international institutions and organizations, else I would've been accused for the felonies of False declarations, Inducing the judiciary bodies into error and Disseminating false informations, and because I have not, according to the principle of the excluded middle, my proven innocence is also my proof of verity of all my investigation work, innocence proven through documents as indicated in the article summary regarding the 4 penal dossiers falsified against me, besides the demonstration from my Raneti vs Romania at ICC for Crimes against humanity penal dossier

A mega - penal dossier incriminating eventually all the Romanian "state" mafia members involved in the murder and chemical lobotomization of orphans

Practical demonstration of the criminal activity of all the Romanian so called appeal courts

I picked all the Romanian counties containing appeal courts as targets for suing Romania, meaning the Romanian "state" mafia occupying the government, judiciary and parliament, for 24,2 billion dollars for the 8 Crimes against humanity committed against me, and for the 2 careers it destroyed with malice aforethought in the process, overall infringing on all my fundamental human rights, and also contesting the Romanian "state" mafia illegal orders to commit Crimes against humanity against me to prove the entirety of the Romanian judiciary system is under the control of the Romanian "state" mafia and being accomplice and instigator to these Crimes against humanity instead of acknowledging the murderous orders being illegal and denounce this publicly, or at least resign, because these counties are administrative centers for the judiciary system in legal theory, but in practice they function as administrative centers for the mafia regime as proven by their answers to my petition, mentioning I've already addressed the entire Romanian judicial system hierarchy and opened penal dossiers on all the mafia "magistrate" capo regimes in the respective Vrancea and Galaty counties, and the capital Bucharest respectivelly

I publish as follows the list of contestations used for this social experiment demonstrating both the existance and the criminal activity of the Romanian "state" mafia in full control of the Romanian judiciary system who then doesn't exist

The Brasov county appeal court lied that my petition is addressed to them by mistake to cover-up their refusal to judge under the guise of pseudoprocedure, and consequently directed it to the Focsani municipal court in Vrancea county. Because I expressely addressed it to the Brasov appeal court obviously there is no mistake, and because I am a political refugee territorial competence is irrelevant because I have no legal domicile, as I've stated in the petition. Because I opened a penal dossier against all the mafia leaders occupying the top institutions of the Romanian judiciary system, meaning the Public Ministry under the Justice Ministry, meaning the mafia's "prosecutor" capo regimes, the Superior Council of Magistrates meaning the disciplinary authority, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, who's members are obligated to open disciplinary and penal actions against any criminal "magistrates" but in fact cover-up for the whole criminal activity of the mafia's "magistrate" capo regimes, according to Romanian Government Ordnance 27/2002 article 11 no public functionary part in my petition or subordinate of his is competent to administer my petitions, law which pertains especially to the mafia's "prosecutor" caporegimes, given the judges are theoretically obligated to only obbey the law according to article 124 from the Romanian Constitution, nothing and nobody else and therefore were supposed to be free of any influence, but in practice they solely obey the mafia and even work independenly to promote the mafia's illicit interests in hope of advancement in the mafia's ranks, just as a company's agents work solely and independently to promote the company's profit irrespective of the law and human rights. Furthermore, because I've demonstrated all the magistrates are criminals in Vrancea county, the hiearchically superior Galaty county, and the hierarchically superior capital Bucharest of course, according to the principle nemo esse iudex in sua causa - nobody can be judge in his own cause, or the cause in which he is part of, none of the mafia "magistrate" caporegimes in the jurisdictions enumerated above are competent to judge therefore my petition was basically sent back to the criminals to cover-up their crimes intentionally given I've also indicated this in the petition. Because I demonstrated practically in penal dossiers, legally and logically that all the Romanian magistrates are part of the Romanian "state" mafia, which this new criminal act of sending the complaint about the crime to the criminal to cover-up corroborates to, it is prove beyond all reasonable doubt that all the Romanian "state" mafia "magistrate" capo regimes are accomplices and instigators to Crimes against humanity, no Romanian "state" mafia "magistrate" is either territorially or hierarchically competent to judge any of my petitions, which I forwarded for the sole purpose of demonstrating through hard evidence their exclusive appartenence to the Romanian "state" mafia, using their illegal answers where the only possible legal answer to my petition is justice itself, the sole legal activity of a magistrate and the sole activity the Romanian "magistrates" aren't involved in, breaking law every day as a matter of fact for personal or the mafia's illicit interest, their activity being an integral part of the mafia's criminal activity and profiteering by forcefully drugging orphans and other innocents for illicit profit from the pharmaceutical mafia for instance, and coercing some of these orphans into the prostitutions rings they run along with the mafia soldiers from the Romanian "police" and "gendarmes" as I've objectivized in the main page of this portal about the criminal activity of the prosecutor general, the communist torturer Augustin Lazar, also a traitor and agent for the clandestine evil american empire whos soldiers are clients of these prostitution rings. Because the Romanian "state" mafia proven criminal activity is at a national level and in each one of the forty Romanian counties, and because it is the mafia "magistrate" caporegime who have the obligation to convict the mafia, not to cover-up and participate in its criminal activity, it is again proven beyond any reasonable doubt that there is no such thing as a Romanian magistrate, because it's the mafia's intent to have totalitarian control over the whole state, and of course the whole judiciary system which is why it commits unnoposed Crimes against humanity as acts of state terrorism and political repression, because the Romanian "state" mafia is unnoposed in Romania as the mafia does not condemn the mafia

The Ploiesti county appeal court refused outright to judge my petition without invoking any law, meaning in perfect illegality, clearly in contradiction with the Brasov county appeal court. According to the law, applied law is obligatorily unitary, meaning all the magistrates are obligated to have the same interpretation of the law, and the petition being identical clearly can't have two different answers. This is the example of the more cunning Brasov county appeal court was trying to avoid by falsifying the factual premise of their answer instead of the universal law premise which is outright denial of justice

The Constanta county appeal court had the same illegal answer as the Brasov county appeal court, therefore it is subject to the same demonstration of its complicity and instigation to Crimes against humanity, given the 8th Crime against humanity against me is in continuous form as the Romanian "state" mafia perpetually hunts me to incarcerate me indefinitely to life, Torture, Gravely bodily harm me and attempt Qualified Murder, as I've objectivized in annex 21 of my Raneti vs Romania Rule 39 ECHR urgent request for interim measures

The Bacau county appeal court had the had the same illegal answer as the Brasov county appeal court

The Timisoara county appeal court hallucinated my petition didn't obey the rules of email correspondence as false premise to its denial of justice, clearly in contradiction with all the other smarter appeal courts, but clearly protected by the Romanian "state" mafia regardless of being psychotic and working against the mafia's interest to protect it's fake public legitimacy, which is in fact the direct Superior Council of Magistrate's job, respectivelly its members being the minister of justice, the general prosecutor and president of supreme court which are thus proven to for an organized crime with all the other mafia "magistrate" caporegimes publicly condemned on this portal, either explicitly or implied, because they refuse to initiate disciplinary and penal action against the criminal mafia "magistrate" capo regimes

The Oradea county appeal court as the Ploiesti county appeal court also refused outright to judge. I point in this context that while the law is that obligatorily all the applied interpretations of the law must be in fact one interpretation, it is the job of the supreme court to supervise the application of this law and decide of the one interpretation to be upheld by all courts of law, but in this case there is no discussion over interpretation, because as of fundamental principle of justice, no law can impede justice according to article 21 from the Romanian Constitution, respectivelly justice is done in the name of the law, meaning ex officio or in public interest, regardless of whether even there is a petition from someone, the magistrates being obligated to uphold public order out of their own initiative, this being their purpose in the state of right which doesn't exist in the least in Romania, a "banana republic (without justice), where only the mafia bussiness works" as stated by Mr. Hassan Awdi, illegally expropriated by the Romanian "state" mafia of hundreds of millions of dollars in property, already having won an initial trial against Romania at ICSID, the international court for foreign investors

The other appeal courts did not respond at all which is also illegal because all petitionaries must be informed of all the public functionaries acts done about them or their petitions, according to article 8 from the Romanian Government Ordnance 27/2002

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